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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Envelope Please...

While I continue to plug away on my FC Tokyo Season in Review pieces, here's a little end of year lead-in piece...

Its the On the Gas FC Tokyo Player of the Season Award!

Made 'em myself I did.
I ran a poll on the blog asking supporters to choose their player of the year (you can still see it, over there on the right), and also asked my O.t.G. colleague Graham, and frequent Gas Talk podcast guest Dan, late of Aishiteru Tokyo but now of Goal.com to give their top threes, along with my own. We'll award 3 points for a first place vote, 2 for a second, and one for third. Here's how it all shook out:

Supporters: (20 votes on blog poll):
1. Masato Morishige & Tatsuya Yazawa (5 votes each) - 3 pts each
3. Yasuyuki Konno, Hideto Takahashi & Naotake Hanyu (2 votes each) - 1 pt each

1. Yasuyuki Konno - 3 pts
2. Hideto Takahashi - 2 pts
3. Tatsuya Yazawa - 1pt (with an Honourable Mention to Masato Morishige)

1. Masato Morishige - 3 pts
2. Hideto Takahashi - 2 pts
3. Yasuyuki Konno - 1pt

1. Yasuyuki Konno - 3 pts
2. Masato Morishige - 2pts
3. Hideto Takahashi - 1pt (with an Honourable Mention to Tatsuya Yazawa)

I'll go into the reasons for my choices a little more in Part 2 of my season in review, but... All of that leaves us with joint winners as Morishige and Konno both collected eight points and are thusly crowned co-winners of the 1st Annual On the Gas FC Tokyo Player of the Season Award!

Entirely appropriate actually, as their combination in the centre of our defence was the platform on which our promotion and the championship (and several club records) were sealed. A tie for the award and Takahashi and Yazawa also tied for third! Congratulations lads, now if you'll excuse me I've gotta find my hacksaw to chop those trophies in half...

(Part 1 of Nine Months of .... is coming soon...)

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