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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gas Talk Episode 12

Recorded on Tuesday evening, Gas Talk Episode 12 is a bumper 63 minute end of season special, with Dan and I running through a whole list of topics related to our club's eventually successful 2011.

After beginning with a chat about the Emperor's Cup, we discuss our boys wrapping up promotion and the J2 title, and also talk about some of the successes and surprises of the season, both for us and also across the division. Later on we talk about the possibility of Yasuyuki Konno's departure, I bring up my ideal successor to Konno as club captain, and we touch on the imminent appointment of Ranko Popovic as the club's new manager.

Also discussed are some possible personnel moves and what we'll need to do to become successful (again) in J1. Its a long listen, but I think we touched all the bases.

You can listen on the player below, download the mp3 by clicking on the Gas Talk logo on the right, or wait for it on iTunes.


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