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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ehime FC 0-5 FC Tokyo

As Ben has noted there was a bit of concern coming into this game despite last weeks' ANNIHILATION of Kyoto, as our away form in these pishy wee running track stadiums has been pants of late and not great all season. Also, Ehime were the ones that brought us down to earth after our previous Sanga romp earlier in the campaign.

Shikoku was subject to rotten typhoony weather again for this one, with only 4,246 turning out. Extreme kudos to those FCT fans that made it down. The rain produced one of these pitches which would have meant the game being called off in most countries, with the ball holding up in water. However, I have seen much worse (but only in Japan) and as ever the players just got on with it.

Tokyo were given an early scare when danger man (actually a kid) Saito drove into the box and fired a diagonal shot just wide, but from then on the visitors took control with Lucas playing the target man role well. A sharp finish from Soutan and a nice diving header from our greatest player ever gave us the lead just before half time. Konno had scored from a crossed free kick which had resulted in a second yellow for Mikan defender Maeno, which really signaled the end of the contest. Our captain celebrated the goal with the old Bebeto cradle thing, how sweet.

In the second half we made the ten men pay with Hanyu eventually firing home a loose ball, Lucas converting a pen and Nagasato sliding in to finish off good work from Tokunaga. Lots of positives to take from this with Lucas finally coming good as the pivot of the team and good contributions from all in midfield. It was also nice to see Mukuhara keeping his place in preference to Hokuto after his great display last week. Eleven goals in two weeks, brushing the opposition aside, and other teams have slipped up in this time (notably Tochigi) to leave the top of the table looking slightly less crowded.

We are obviously very pleased so why am I not doing cartwheels? BECAUSE IT'S J2 AND J2 IS RUBBISH GET US OUT OF HERE QUICKLY!!!

Next up Yokohama FC at home at Kokuritsu, who shipped 7 (seven) to Verdy this weekend. How many will we put past them? Or will J2 throw up another silly result? Tune in next week folks.


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  1. All teams can stick the Bebeto celebration up their arses. Think of something new or a polite handshake/fist pump/arm held aloft is all that is required. Verdy had one as well on all together normal goal.