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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tochigi 2-1 FC Tokyo


Is it just me or was this really really painful to watch? I recorded the game and started watching it after I had come back from going out to dinner, in a good mood with a belly full of wine. But the wine soon turned sour in the gut.

FCT started brightly enough, pinging the ball about nicely, but were caught out after a double brain fart from Hideto after he carelessly lost the ball to Paulinho, then after he caught up with him his tackle only succeeded in laying the ball into the path on the onrushing Sabia who finished easily. Can't be too hard on the young lad as he has been good this season but it was the the kind of HBF (horror brain fart) that has cost us so much in the past. After that it was the same old same old lots of possession, pressure but precious few chances.

What else can we say? The second half was more of the same, I nearly threw my cup at the TV when Casual was caught in possession after daydreaming for about 20 seconds for the second time, a piece of play at which my visiting father laughed out loud it was so bad. After that I got so fed up I stated skipping forward with the remote and missed most of the last 20 minutes. It was just too familiar, too predictable and too painful.

This was bad.

We move on though, let's forget about it, we are still top of this league, but please let us get out of it soon for the sake of my fragile sanity.


  1. I'm lucky guy. I forget to watch this and got mobile e-mail from FCT. In the twitter, most people said terrible things, especially about Okuma. No need to watch to save my life. aikidon

  2. Thats a brilliant comment, aikidon, and I feel exactly the same way!
    While Ishikawa and Tatsuya are higher in the pecking order than Sakata, I couldn't understand why Mr. Okuma brought Uesato on instead of our new striker when we were 2-0 down...