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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gas Talk Episode 7

FC Tokyo 3-0 Tottori
J2 Matchday 14

In a Gas Talk first, Tokyo Bairn and I podcasted about last night's 3-0 win over Tottori live from inside Aji Sta!

We had hoped to do an in-stadium preview before kickoff, but were upstaged by the returns of Lucas and Yuto Nagatomo, but while the fireworks were going on at half time we discussed the first half, and then after all the sha-sha-shaaaa'ing that went on we retired to the concourse steps to break down the excellent second half display The Gasmen put on, with goals from Roberto "The Salad" Cesar, On the Gas Man of the Match Hideto Takahashi and Masato Morishige earning us a comfortable and deserved victory.

Things naturally get a bit noisy during Part 1 with the fireworks going off, so watch the volume levels, but  Part 2 was recorded out the back, and your eardrums shouldn't have too many troubles.

This will take the place of the usual On the Gas Match Report, so at about 23 minutes long I hope it will tide you all over. You can download the mp3 for yourself by clicking on the logo to the right, and if you're an iTunes subscriber, it will hopefully be up on there later tonight.



  1. I enjoyed it as always. Live recording is very nice idea and feel exciting with stadium atmosphere. I'm S area, but want to say hello to you in near future!

  2. Aikidon,
    Thanks again for your comment. I was pretty happy with how the recording went at half time, and seeing as though the fireworks are a once-a-year event, we shouldn't have too much trouble if we decide to do it again!
    That would be great to meet you and say hello! Anytime!

  3. Hi I hear your podcast all after every games as
    one of my English textbook.
    but it's too noisy to listen for me.
    Could you record next episode at quiet place?

  4. Don't worry, Mr. Anonymous,
    The club aren't planning any more fireworks shows this season, so we won't have that problem again.