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Monday, June 6, 2011

Gas Talk Episode 6

Another frustrating afternoon for FC Tokyo fans, but after a month away we had to get together for another episode of Gas Talk, and here you are, its Episode 6!

I was joined by Dan from Aishiteru Tokyo and our special guest Steve Barme, otherwise known as AgentOrange2009 on twitter.

After dissecting the happenings in FC Tokyo 1-1 Ehime FC (in the middle of which I was 'interrupted'(!) by a call from Jade North), from about half an hour in we branch off to talk about goings on in J2 and J1, how Kim is getting on at Omiya and other things from around Japanese football. Towards the end, Steve plugs Cobaltore Onagawa, and you can find out more about that worthy cause by visiting http://onagawasupporters.com/

You can listen on the player below, download the mp3 from the host yourself by clicking on the Gas Talk logo to the right, or through iTunes, where you can subscribe by searching "Gas Talk" - thanks to Takeshi for getting it up on there so quickly.



  1. As always, I enjoyed this one by download my iPod. Thank you so much.
    I also didn't understand Okuma's thought, especially Noth's change. Team,no, the company really wants to back to J1? If I were mr.Akune, I'll do dramatic restructuring for staff, not players, if we failed.

  2. @Aikidon: Thanks for your comment, I always enjoy hearing your thoughts about the club.
    Yes, i think the company/team management underestimated how difficult it might be for us to get straight back up.
    Hopefully there will be some better and more consistent performances to write and speak about soon, starting on Sunday with any luck!

  3. Love it when you guys talk about the J-League & Japanese soccer in general. More please!