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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gas Talk - Episode 2

The venue was the same noisy izakaya, but the personnel slightly different for Episode 2 of the most popular FC Tokyo podcast in the world - Gas Talk! Graham was away, so Dan & I soldiered on in his absence, and there was a surprisingly decent amount of stuff to chew over, with the preseason not going as well as we might've expected, and the season starting on Saturday. I'm also offering a cash prize* to the first listener to count how many times I say "indeed" throughout this pod.

The rundown - 45 Minutes:
  • Part 1: A review of the pre-season - including an injury round-up, and the 1-1 friendly draw with Kusatsu on Sunday;
  • Part 2: (from about 11:00) We discuss Yuto Nagatomo's full transfer to Cesena, and the positives that come out of it for the club (plus the possible arrival of Jade North as a consequence);
  • Part 3: (from about 24:00) A comprehensive preview of the opening game of the season, at home to Tosu, this Saturday
Unfortunately there are some quality issues with background noise, and stereo sound at the beginning of Parts 2 & 3, and the end of the podcast, but that shouldn't detract too much from your listening experience. Speaking of which, you can listen on the player below, download the mp3 from archive.org by clicking on our fantastic new Gas Talk logo (with huge thanks to The Maestro Tim Brandy) or subscribe in iTunes by searching for "Gas Talk" (with massive thanks to The King of Tech Takeshi Furuichi).

We hope you enjoy Episode 2, and, as with Episode 1, feel free to comment on things you liked, didn't, and that you'd like us to discuss in future episodes. The next episode will be recorded straight after the Tosu game, and will hopefully be up on Sunday!

*no cash prize will actually be paid


  1. Thank you so much. I'm Downloading now and will enjoy tomorrow at full occupied train. If you showed direct link of audio file, its very helpful for 1st visitor I think. aikidon

  2. Thanks aikidon,
    I've now edited the post to include the download address and iTunes information - I was a bit stressed-out finishing and uploading the podcast yesterday and forgot to add them to the original post.
    I hope Episode 2 made your commute a little more bearable!

  3. Great job. Interesting about the transfer info and the Shimizu/Stuttgart dispute. What's the latest? Did you really go to Kusatsu for a pre-season game - that's passion for your club. keep up the good work.