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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On the Gas is live - be afraid, Tatsuya, be very afraid!

With just over six weeks left until the new J.League season starts on March 5th (what exactly is a "Sagan" or a "Tosu" anyway?!), I'd like to welcome you to On the Gas - my new blog on all things FC Tokyo. Here you'll find match reports, analysis and opinion on the Gasmen - the capital's best and most well-supported football club.... although that's about as much positivity as I can muster at the moment - we did get relegated last year, after all. This blog will operate with a no holds barred and no bleep-button policy - let me apologise in advance for the foul language - but we only do it coz we care.

"We" are myself and tokyo bairn, season ticket holders for three years now (counting 2011), and regular attendees at Aji Sta for over five years. I'm an Aussie, he's a Scot, and we have very strong opinions about our club and the players who play for "us." On the Gas came to me when I was knocking around names for this new blog, and, as with all good things, it has a nice double meaning: FC Tokyo were originally called Tokyo Gas FC and are nicknamed the Gasmen, so we'll be writing on/about the Gas(men); and our old mate Brendan Hughes used to call going out for a drink going out "on the gas" - a large part of the matchday experience for tokyo bairn and myself involves that type of gas!

From midway through the 2010 season I was posting match reports and analysis on Last Man Standing, and you can still visit there to access all of those posts (if you want to put yourself through that torture again, or relive the torture I went through), but I've decided to return that blog to its original purpose - L.M.S. Fantasy Podcasts.

Here, its FC Tokyo match reports, analysis, opinion, and debate all the way, given to you straight. Please comment on posts if you like what you read, comment if you disagree, comment if you want to tell me I'm a negative wanker, it's OK, I can take it (although I might get a little upset if I get too many negative wanker ones)!

I've started things off by importing my Nine Months of Hell series from the L.M.S. blog, a fairly lengthy three-parter covering (Part 1) the numbers that mattered and (Part 2) the players that got us relegated in 2010, before (Part 3) running the rule over our off-season transfer activity and a look at what we can expect in our first J2 season since our inaugural J.League season, 1999.

And what an interesting season it should be, too. There should be plenty of goals flying in at Aji Sta - you never know, Tatsuya might even get one - and we'll be there for as much of it as we can stomach!

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